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Join us for Yoga in the Courtyard

to Benefit Ronald McDonald House

Saturday mornings at 9am


Breathe Body and Mind, in conjunction with the Courtyard by Marriott, Springfield is holding Saturday morning yoga classes in the hotel's courtyard. The hotel is located at 6710 Commerce St, Springfield. All proceeds will benefit Ronald McDonald House of Greater Washington, DC. These one-hour classes will be led by one Breathe's fabulous yoga instructors. We request that you sign up for these classes so that we have an idea of how many people to expect.

These "Namaste Saturday" Yoga in the Courtyard classes are open to the public

A cash donation* of $15 per person is suggested.

*Cash or check (made payable to Courtyard by Marriott, Springfield) is accepted
at the beginning of each class
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Revitalize Yourself with Foot Reflexology!

Back By Popular Demand!  Saturday, July 7th

Let Breathe member and certified reflexologist Nicole Saadvandi give you a foot massage that goes beyond the routine. Reflexology is an ancient natural healing therapeutic art and science with roots dating back some 4,000 years to China and Egypt. Modern foot reflexology is the practice of applying precise pressure using the hands and fingers to specific points on each foot which are believed to correspond to specific organs, structures and energies in everyone. This manual application of pressure stimulates the body’s own healing system, balancing the holy grail of wellness: mind, body and spirit. You will practically float from your session!



  • reduces stress and induces deep relaxation
  • improves circulation and energy flow
  • influences your body’s natural cleansing abilities

Nicole will be hosting five 30-minute mini-treatments for $20 each, starting at 2:15PM.

To register, you can go to our Calendar page and select the time slot on July 7th that works best for you. You can also contact Nicole directly at 703-338-8952 or send her an email. Nicole is happy to answer your reflexology curiosities!

BroGa at Breathe: Real Men Can't Touch Their Toes

Friday, July 13th - 8:00pm

BroGa is BACK! Our first BroGa event on June 8, 2018, was a success and we're bringing it back for you because you asked us to! If you didn't make it the first time, let us fill you in...

BroGa at Breathe is a fun-filled and super easy-going yoga practice created just for dudes and all your brethren who also might not be able to touch their toes but who are man enough to try. Did we mention beer? We will have beer for you.

You'll learn how yoga can help you to up your golf game, improve your reach in tennis, swimming, boxing, weed-whacking or remote control aiming! You'll also experience how it will help you to reduce and manage your stress and your self-awareness. We want to help you apply yoga for relevance in your life where it really matters: off the mat.

This is a special offering for men only, taught by Molly Field who has only brothers and sons and Liz Olmo who's a former Navy aviator and who also works with veterans. So these women got game and they can keep you laughing at yourself because that's what life is all about.

You'll find that it’s only yoga. And it’s also really good for you. After the practice, stick around for a beer-- we’ll have some waiting in the cooler for you (including root and ginger!)

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PreNatal Yoga

      June Session (June 2, 9, 16 and 23rd)

           July Session (July 7, 14, 21, 28)

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Register for a monthly session  ($55 unless otherwise noted) or pay as you go . . . Single class drop-ins are welcome ($20).  

During each one-hour prenatal class, we will prep the body for labor and delivery, stretch and open the body to provide space for baby, alleviate some of the aches and pains of pregnancy, and practice breathing techniques useful for this special time.

 .                                                         Register for the June session here.

Register for the July session here.

If you are unable to commit to the entire session or if it's late in the month, you can register as a drop in and pay $20 for one class at a time.  Choose the desired drop in session(s) from our calendar.

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"My Mom and Me" Yoga

June 17th, July 8th and August 12th 12:30-1:30pm

Bond with your child (ages 4 thru 12) while you practice yoga together in this fun, interactive and relaxing class from which both you and your daughter/son will benefit.

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Choose the class you're interested from the list of dates below. Register using adult's name and your child is automatically included. If you intend to bring two children make sure to pick that registration option. Please call us at 703-829-0167 if you have any questions at all! We look forward to seeing you!

Register for June 17th

Register for July 8th

Register for August 12th

Guided Meditation


Alternate Thursdays at 8:15pm

Join this guided meditation to experience relaxation and rejuvenation while calming your mind and bringing peace to your soul. Meditation is well known to enhance health and wellbeing, release stress, improve sleep, and attract happiness, love and abundance. The session will include vivid visualizations with tranquil music and nature sounds.

Space is limited so select the session you want to attend on our Calendar page.

Sound Bath Meditation

Next Date:  Sunday, July 22, 7:30-8:30pm

According to sonic specialist Monte Hansen from the Crystal Ashram near Annapolis MD, “A sound bath is an immersion in sound frequency that cleans your soul.” Leave your rubber ducky at home. Bring your blankie instead, for this super relaxing immersion!  According to cutting-edge doctors from Harvard, some of the deepest most profound healing in the body is accomplished with sound frequency.  

Join us when Human Activation sound frequency specialist Robert Lee will be playing several of these rare Singing Bowls, some of which are over 200 years old. Hear the amazing story of how the practice was abandoned long ago and rediscovered in modern times. Come experience these gifts from the past in this NON-religious practice of our present. Be rejuvenated or just captivated by this unique musical performance.
Bring your pillows, blankies, and yoga mats and snuggle into the comfort of the tranquil sounds. Feel free to sit, lay, or even stand! Meditating with singing bowls has been known to reduce blood pressure more than guided meditation alone. 

  • 7:30pm  Musical Reception 
  • 7:45pm   Doors Close & Meditation Begins
  • 8:00pm  Meditation Ends, Followed by Community Discussion & Fellowship

To register click here.

Quote from Teresa A:  The sound bath guided meditation is a welcome addition to my guided meditation practice. The unique sounds produced by the bowls helped me to have a deeper and more meaningful experience. The calming and welcoming presence of the hosts allowed me to feel very comfortable from the minute I walked through the doors. Thank you!