Barre Body Workout

Tuesdays 7:15pm (50 min)

Barre Body is a ballet-inspired aerobic workout designed to help you slim, lift and sculpt your entire body. Through the use of small "pulse actions" and full-range movements using weights and traditional ballet positions, such as first, second, and fourth positions, you will develop a lean, defined, dancer-like body. This workout incorporates light dumbbells, balls, resistance bands and various ballet movements including arabesques, pliés, développés, and élevés enabling you to strengthen your whole body, while simultaneously elongating your muscles. 

Class begins with abdominal work involving planks, crunches, and ballet-inspired core exercises, moves on to other upper body exercises, such as bicep curls, triceps extensions, and side lateral raises, and is followed by the first stretch. The second half of class includes leg work at the barre, which involves two to three variations (i.e. series of ballet movements involving lunges, squats and other deep knee bends) per class, followed by the second stretch. The final portion of the class involves mat and barre work for the glutes, concluding with a final deep stretch. This low-impact class is available to all fitness levels and provides an effective and enjoyable full-body workout.