Class Descriptions

Not sure where to start?  Click on the name of any class below to see a more detailed description of the class as well as days/times it's held. To help you more easily determine the classes best suited for you, we have broken them down into different levels. The levels are more of a suggestion and a guide, so don't let them discourage you from attending a certain class. Our instructors try their best to modify for all fitness levels; however, some classes are more open to modifications than others (i.e., Power Vinyasa Yoga is definitely not a beginner's class).  Feel free to contact us if you have further questions about which class to attend. Best sequence of classes for beginners is explained here.

NOTE:  Every Monday evening we offer one rotating class/instructor which we refer to as "Manic Monday". The class is different every Monday, spanning from HIIT Yoga to Zumba to Total Body Conditioning and more. The start time is either 6pm, 6:15pm or 6:30pm, depending upon class and instructor. Refer to calendar for the weekly "Manic Monday" class.

Also, some classes alternate weekly (i.e., Sundays at 4:30pm is Hatha Yoga, alternating weekly with Yin Yoga.) Again, check weekly calendar for most up-to-date schedule.

Breathe IS my happy place! I always say that yoga is the one exercise where I always feel better at the end than when I started. After joining Breathe, I’ve gotten stronger with Athena, more goofy with Molly, and have even gotten out of my comfort zone with Sabrina. The studio is more like a community than a gym, and it’s nice to come to a place where everybody knows your name. I’ve also learned how to leave behind anything that doesn’t serve me on the mat, and most importantly, “No mud, no lotus.” I am grateful that I’ve found this place to improve my practice week by week and my well being for the rest of my life.
— Paula T


Ashtanga Yoga - Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Basic Yoga - Level: All Levels

Core Explore Yoga - Level: All Levels

Core Barre - Level: All Levels

Gentle Yoga - Level:  Beginner/All Levels

Hatha Yoga - Level: Beginner/All levels

Power Vinyasa Yoga - Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

Restorative Yoga - Level: All levels

Slow Flow VinyasaLevel: All levels

Vinyasa Flow - Level: Intermediate

Yin Yoga - Level: All levels

I want to let you know how much your classes are helping me. I went for physical therapy today, where the doctor usually scrapes at my hamstrings for a half an hour to try to break up adhesions and stretch my muscles...Today she was so pleased with how much mobility yoga is giving me, I didn’t have to go through that! Yay!! I know it will just continue to get better! Thank you so much! I absolutely love your studio!
— Betsy S, Springfield

Yoga Stretch -  Level: Beginner


Barre/Pilates Combo - Level: Intermediate

Basic Pilates - Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Functional Strength/Core - Level:  All levels

Mixed Level Pilates  - Level: Intermediate to Advanced

POP Pilates - Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Barre Body Workout - Level: All levels

Guided Meditation - Level: All levels

Open Barre Workout - Level:  All levels

Strength and Sculpt - Level:  Intermediate

So happy to have found Breathe. A great variety of classes and wonderful instructors. The studio is intimate and clean. Definitely not intimidating like some of the other studios around.
— Sandi G, Annandale

Tone/Balance/Stretch - Level: Beginner

Total Body Conditioning - Level: Intermediate to Advanced