Partner Yoga Workshop

Sunday, February 12th at 5:30pm


Join us for chocolate, champagne and fun during our Valentine’s Day-themed Partner Yoga workshop. This will be a fun way to celebrate relationships between spouses, siblings, significant others and friends.
You might have heard of “Warrior 2” pose, but what about “2 Love Warriors” pose? Lift each other up in “Elevator” and strengthen your bond in “Open Heart” pose.


In this workshop Breathe Body & Mind instructors Molly Field and Michelle Moreland will guide you and each other in poses which will align our bodies, create balance, bringing you back to the present and helping you to communicate more clearly.
Partner yoga challenges your balance, strength and flexibility while you and you partner encourage each other through clear communication, trust and support of one another. Let this workshop reintroduce you to muscles you’ve not used in a while, and help you learn something new about yourself and your partner.

No experience necessary; this workshop is for newbies and experienced yogis alike. Each participant needs to register and pay separately. Feel free to come solo and we'll partner you.