Restorative Yoga

Alternate Thursdays (check calendar) 8:15pm - (60 min)

Friday 6:30pm - (60 min)

After centering and pranayama, this Restorative Yoga (RY) practice will focus on quiet and meditative poses which are supported or reclined for up to seven minutes each. RY is simplistic: it revolves around up to 12 different poses. You will rest on bolsters, folded blankets or cushions. The focus of this practice is to go inward, meditatively; to release and let go; to stretch and support joints, muscles and connective tissue in passive and lasting ways, differently from traditional, motion-based yoga; and to learn relaxing breathing techniques. Don't be surprised if you fall asleep! ALL LEVELS - If you have a bolster of your own, please bring it with you! Otherwise, we do have some available at the studio for your use.