Meet our current artists 

Olga Klein, Beaded Jeweler


Olga was born and raised in Hungary and studied in Moscow where she received a degree in Education and Interpreting. She learned the love of creating something beautiful from her mother who was very artistic and always busy with knitting, embroidering or seam-stressing. Olga followed her mother's example and, when she was a young girl, started making many cross-stitched pieces and knitted many sweaters. She later learned the art of flower arrangement and worked in various flower shops in Melbourne, Australia. Jewelry-making became Olga's hobby in America when she went with a friend to a bead show eight years ago. She got hooked, and from that time she has been making necklaces and earrings. Olga strives to experiment with colors and loves combining different materials, as well as learning new techniques in jewelry making. Olga participates in local fairs and home shows. She has also donated her creations to organizations such as the HART Foundation - from where she, her husband and two sons adopted their current dog Pluto - as well as donations to the American Cancer Society. Olga is constantly working on new designs and all of her pieces are one of a kind.


Jack Nevitt, Photographer

Jack Bio Photo.jpg

 Jack has been a photographer since he purchased his first SLR in 1968. He has worked as a photo lab technician in the Government for nearly 20 years and a video production specialist for 10 years, before retiring in 2003. Since retiring, Jack has been a full time nature and wildlife photographer. 

Jack purchased his first digital camera in 2003 and has not looked back, shooting strictly digital ever since.  Jack is a member of the Manassas Warrenton Photo Club and now resides is Ashburn, VA with his wife, Carole and their basset hound, Tyler. Jack is represented in two galleries, the Gateway Gallery in Round Hill, VA and the Artists of Middleburg Gallery in Middleburg, VA. Jack is currently involved in stock photography and his images have been used in magazines, TV shows and calendars around the country.




Diane Parker Mullens, Greeting card designer


Diane has lived in Virginia for twenty-six years, although she is still a "Jersey Girl” at heart. Currently living in Alexandria with her husband and cat, Diane has developed a passion for creating the perfect card with the perfect greeting. She started making cards as an extension of her scrapbooking hobby. Fed up with the price of cards and their lame greetings, Diane bought some stamps and started making her own. In 2016 she started selling her cards at local holiday craft shows. Diane is delighted to have this opportunity to reach a wider range of customers.

Diane also creates customized cards as special orders. These designs include graduation, birthday, and wedding cards. All her designs are original and are made by hand.