In an effort to make our space beautiful and to support the artisans in our local community, you will find an array of artwork, including watercolors, jewelry, quilts, ceramics and more gracing the walls and shelves of our studio.

The art will rotate every six weeks or so to offer a vast sampling of creations from talented folks right here in our community. Most pieces will be available for sale and payment may be made by check or credit card.

If you are, or know of, a talented local artist who might be interested in displaying your work at our studio, please contact us.

Claudia Olivos, Painter

Claudia Olivos, is an Artist and Founder of OlivosARTstudio, a Priestess of the Goddess, she channels Her energies via intuitive paintings of the Divine Feminine.

Claudia started her career as an artist at the tender age of 18, when she had her first gallery show in Washington DC. She soon had gallery representation and was exhibiting her paintings of magical women all over the world. In 2012, she began to paint her now popular “Goddess Collection.”

She holds degrees in Psychology and Fine Arts and an MFA in painting. The founder of International Visions, an Art Gallery in Washington DC., Claudia started an after-school art program at the local elementary school while a single mom in grad school and she continues to collaborate with schools making murals with children of all ages and as a resident artist for a local Washington DC theater.  After many years of teaching art in college, Claudia now devotes her time to her art - serving the goddess in her life and studio, painting inspirational and thought-provoking work.

Claudia spends her time traveling with her dog Snoopyito between Santiago, Chile and Washington DC, where she resides with her best friend and fellow artist, Sergio, and their son, Julian. She leads children and women’s workshops both in the USA and Chile. Her Mission as a Priestess-Artist for the Goddess, is to continue to channel her messages and energy, helping create Sacred Space for daily connection to the Sacred Feminine.  

Lalita (Red Tara).JPG
Before Yoga After Yoga.JPG
Green Tara 72 dpi.jpg

Heather Cronin, Artist

Sitting quietly in order to observe, listen and feel.  This is how I make the best decisions in my life, my sculpture and my painting.


Beauty over brutality, play over sickness, giddiness over despair, curiosity over stagnation.  I observe the squirrels perched in the tree or in hot pursuit of their companions. The birds grab my attention with their sounds, colors, and all they symbolize. Flowers bloom and take their place in the circle of life by providing pollinators with food…humans with so much. People give of themselves to help others, even in death. These are the qualities of life which I have been moved to glorify in my work.

Organic forms and patterns have been the foundation of my work across many materials. I began as one of the few female stone-carvers and worked alongside stone masons in Pittsburgh creating stonework for public and private gardens. I was featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and my sculpting career began to flourish. After a long illness I returned to painting and began to sculpt clay. I am a re-emerging artist and this new work is the embodiment of my renewed perspective on how important nature is to our souls. There were times when I did not think I would ever have the energy to make 3D art again, but here I am, working full time as a ceramicist and able to share my work with you. I hope you will find beauty in these rustic pieces and that they convey my deep respect for art, beauty and nature.


Marcia E. Gordon, Jewelry

Marcia is the creative force behind the GEMS by MEG Limited Edition Jewelry Collection. She mixes a variety of color palettes to create handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings designed with your wardrobe in mind. Her materials are sourced worldwide and include pearls, gemstones, Bali, Thai & sterling Silver, Swarovski crystal and Czech glass. The GEMS by MEG Limited Edition Jewelry Collection has sold at art galleries, gift shops and exclusive boutiques. Additionally, pieces are donated to numerous charitable organizations for their fundraising events. All pieces are limited editions. Custom-designed requests are always welcome. See a sampling of the affordable, handcrafted pieces available at