In an effort to make our space beautiful and to support the artisans in our local community, you will find an array of artwork, including watercolors, jewelry, quilts, ceramics and more gracing the walls and shelves of our studio.

The art will rotate every six weeks or so to offer a vast sampling of creations from talented folks right here in our community. Most pieces will be available for sale and payment may be made by check or credit card.

If you are, or know of, a talented local artist who might be interested in displaying your work at our studio, please contact us.

Jeanne Pacheco

Warm mornings in my backyard, music playing and paint all over my fingers as I swirl the color on my textured canvas, thus describing my favorite moment. I enjoy the connection of touch and texture, freedom, movement, blending of colors, getting lost in the painting to create something that will make your eyes happy. I’m flattered when people are drawn to the piece and resist the urge (or sometimes find it irresistible) to run their hands over the artwork.

While pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Design Institute of San Diego, I discovered my inspiration comes from my love of the Art Nouveau period, organic craftsmanship and fluidity, the respect and awe of the magical dragonfly and Frank Lloyd Wright’s propensity to integrate the exterior with the interior.

I have a very specific memory when I was a little girl painting in my grandmother’s breakfast room, a paint-by-numbers head of a Great Dane. I can still smell the oil paint emanating from the tiny pot. I knew I wanted to be an artist. Decades later, I now primarily use acrylic paint and my fingers. However, you may still find a brush in my hand or a glass tile, paper, string or other objects embedded into the painting.

After attaining my master’s degree in Human Resources and several years in the corporate world I now am happily a full-time artist. Art is a form of reflection and can be very enlightening, addicting. It allows you to transport to another place within and gives permission to step out of the box. There is an artist within all of us but most are afraid to explore

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Watering Flowers 30x40.jpg