“Breathe Body and Mind is a one-of-kind studio. The owner is a certified personal trainer and her instructors are top notch. The studio offers an extensive range of classes, including Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Total Body Conditioning and more. I have been a member since August and I am now a member for life! If you are looking for a relatively small studio where you can explore new disciplines and improve your fitness level, then you need to check out Breathe Body and Mind.

Lynne Maloney

Lynne has been a fitness professional for fifteen years and has been a fan of exercise since high school. She's been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2012 who likes to make exercise fun, whether working with clients one on one or in small groups. She is also beginning her yoga teacher journey as she is in the final stages of completing her 200 RYT, having completed the teacher training at Beloved Yoga in Reston. Lynne is also a Functional Fitness Specialist and a Senior Strength & Conditioning Specialist. The satisfaction of helping people reach and maintain their fitness goals is her greatest reward. Lynne spent over 20 years in the newspaper industry, the last 17 of them at The Washington Post. While she loved her career, she had a nagging dream to create a welcoming fitness studio where people look forward to going to nourish their body, mind and spirit and find a sense of community . . . Breathe Body and Mind was born in July 2016. Lynne teaches Tone/Balance/StretchStrength and Sculpt, Strength & Stretch, Yoga Stretch and Hatha Yoga.

Aneta Anderson


Aneta was first introduced to yoga in 2005. Her passion for yoga grew and soon turned into a lifestyle. Inspired by knowledge beyond the physical aspect of yoga, Aneta became a student of yogic philosophy and graduated from a 500-hour Yoga Alliance Certified - Advanced Studies and Teaching training program through Yoga Pura in 2009. From interesting sequences to uplifting music, Aneta's classes are designed to push physical boundaries while cultivating a calm and centered mind. Aneta is passionate about living a healthy and well-balanced life, and incorporates various yogic practices and philosophy into her daily life, encouraging students to incorporate these ideals both on and off the mat. Aneta teaches Slow Flow Vinyasa, Yoga for Backs & Bones, and Gentle Yoga.

Marion Blasch


Marion loves to inspire fitness everywhere! She was a lead cyclist on the University of California Berkeley Women's cycling team. In her home town of San Diego, she taught spin aerobics in spin studios and gyms, and later to military personnel at the Naval Base, Millington, TN while earning her MBA at the University of Memphis. An avid swimmer and prior master's coach, Marion competed in swim events in Japan. She is dedicated to her family and enjoys instructing barre and yoga. Marion is certified by Metropolitan School of the Arts and Yogafit (RYT200). She strives to maintain a high level of fitness and nutritional health while inspiring others to do so as well! Here at Breathe, Marion teaches Slow Flow Vinyasa and Core Barre.

Stacy Borzi


As a former high school runner, swimmer and current gym membership drop-out, Stacy began her yoga practice as a way to re-connect with and be more compassionate to her body.  Stacy sees yoga as a personal journey that brings a sense of strength, balance and mindfulness into everyday life.  Her feeling is yoga should be fun as well as informative and body positive.  Our mats are a place of safety and non-judgment, both of ourselves and those around us. Stacy strives to make sure that at the end of every class students feel better than they did when they walked into the studio.  She loves watching each person take the knowledge gained in each session and then expand on it and build their own personal yoga practice. Stacy currently teaches some of our Early Bird Yoga classes. She is 200-hour RYT certified and also has certifications in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra; Gentle and Chair Yoga; and Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care. She is also certified in SAIL and MoB which are programs designed to help seniors maintain balance and stability. Stacy teaches Early Bird Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

Erin Cashin


Erin’s yoga journey began as a supplement to running. What she found was so much more. It made her a stronger runner but the real nugget was that yoga taught her how to listen to her body about acceptance and forgiveness, gave her peace in her heart, and taught her how to let go (and that letting go is not giving up).

Erin’s style of teaching is upbeat with a wide variety of musical inspiration. She hopes to share her love for yoga with all of her students and to encourage them to breathe deeply, believe in themselves, trust their body, and feel at peace on and off the mat. Erin teaches Vinyasa Yoga..

Maria Elisa González Cifuentes


Elisa has been a yoga and Pilates teacher for 11 years. She credits her yoga practice for saving her life following a serious traffic accident. Elisa received her Pilates certification in Argentina in 2015 and her Yoga certification in 2018 in Costa Rica.  Elisa moved to the United States from Venezuela 8 months ago in order to escape the current difficult political situation and to find a better environment for her children. She feels very lucky to be able to share her passion for yoga and Pilates with others. Elisa teaches Hatha Yoga and Pilates/Mat Fusion.

Molly Field


Molly fell in love with yoga in 1999 after 13 months of first-time motherhood had left her in "clamshell" pose (no such thing). She earned her RYT-200 certification in 2014. Through yoga, Molly learned how to breathe deeply, open her chest and correct her posture, and begin the journey of self-awareness. She incorporates a go-getter attitude, laughter and empathy into everything she does. As a yoga instructor, she aims to make every class she teaches unique, fun, relaxing and memorable. Molly's interests are alignment, creative flows and reminding practitioners to give themselves permission to fully enjoy their time on the mat. Molly teaches Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Core Explore Yoga, Strength & Stretch and Yoga Stretch. Molly also likes to row, run, eat, write and sleep.

Amy Ford


Amy's yoga journey started in 2002. Her love of yoga inspired her to gain a deeper understanding of this life-changing practice. She feels honored and blessed to share her passion for yoga in a safe and loving way, encouraging self-examination and relaxation while promoting flexibility of the body and mind. She firmly believes yoga is a wonderful way of teaching people how to gain a fresh perspective by helping them step away from the rigors and distractions of everyday life to rejuvenate both body and mind. Amy completed her Teacher Training in June 2016 and her 200-hour RYT in 2017. Amy teaches Hatha Yoga.

Karin Landrum


A fitness professional for over 25 years, Karin has a background in physical therapy and received her 200 RYT in 2010. Injury/overuse led Karin to yoga which she feels is a personal journey teaching the individual about his/herself. Her focus in class is using proper form and alignment and honoring the place where we are today. Karin is a military spouse and has lived all over the world. She believes in the power of positive thinking and has used yoga to help trauma survivors and individuals struggling with PTSD. She is currently finishing her 100-hour Warrior certification, focusing on using yoga to overcome traumatic events and anxiety. She is mother to 3 teenage boys, loves to cook and prefers doing something outdoor to staying home and cleaning the house! Karin teaches Functional Strength/Core and Vinyasa Yoga.

Lana Lau

LLau Bio Photo.jpg

Lana began practicing yoga in 2010 when she suffered from debilitating back pain She found relief in yoga when painkillers, muscle relaxants and chiropractic treatments were ineffective. Lana wants to share the same sense of joy, inner peace and physical well-being she enjoys from her yoga practice with her students. Lana teaches Hatha Yoga, and Yin Yoga.

Sabrina McGrath


Sabrina has been into all types of fitness since the early 90's. After being introduced to Pilates by her mom, Sabrina was hooked and started working to become an instructor. Sabrina is Peak Pilates Comprehensive Level 1 Certified and Core Barre certified. In the fall, she will have finished her Peak Pilates Comprehensive Level 2 certification. Sabrina is also working on completing a special certification in Osteoporosis. She has studied under many master instructors and works with a master instructor weekly to continue learning and growing in her Pilates practice. It's not just a form of exercise for Sabrina, it's a way of life and she teaches her clients how Pilates can help with recovery from injuries and/or prevent these injuries from occurring later in life. Sabrina teaches Mixed Level Pilates, and Barre/Pilates Combo.

Elizabeth Olmo

Elizabeth has taken training in foundational Yoga techniques, Viniyoga and Yoga for trauma victims. Her personal practice and teaching focus is on using Yoga to encourage healing, developing equanimity and enhancing longevity. Elizabeth lives in Burke with her husband Chris and their three Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Elizabeth teaches Early Bird and Restorative Yoga.

Binita Sharma Kohli

Binita began her yoga journey in 2010 when she stumbled upon a yoga class at her work gym in Richmond, VA. She started taking yoga on a routine basis and yoga slowly became a daily part of Binita's life. Today it is a passion she enjoys sharing with others. She completed her RYT-200 hours of training and is trained in multiple lineages of Yoga to include Vinyasa, Asthanga, Dharma, Power, and Hatha. Binita feels that Yoga can do wonders for a person if practiced with full dedication, focus, and commitment. Yoga is not something you do, it is something you feel. Her motto in life is balance and she is thankful Yoga helped her find that balance mentally, physically, and spiritually and hopes to help others find the same. Binita is teaching Vinyasa Yoga and Slow Flow Vinyasa.


Samantha Simons

Samantha (200ERYT/YACEP/RSS) is a service-based, trauma-informed yoga teacher with a passion for holding space as clients navigate their bodies, minds, and spirits in an inquisitive way. Her lineage is kunga yoga (kunga is kinyerwandan for “to serve, reconcile”), integrating breathwork, meditation, ayurveda, and assisting as tools for a path of self-inquiry shifting to creative expression. Her offerings often include sound, art, writing, and other modalities of experience. Samantha believes your practice seeks to meet your energy and needs where they are every time you practice. Her goal is providing skilled guidance and support through the shared time, holding safe space as you dive in! Sam teaches Early Bird yoga and frequently subs various yoga classes at Breathe.

Christie Thomas

Christie has been practicing yoga for over 6 years and has taught as a certified 200hr Yoga Instructor to students of different skill levels and ages for over 4 years. She has experience in different movements from parkour (a combination of movements to get from A to B) to dance to martial arts. Christie is co-leader of DC Area Women's Parkour and will complete her ADAPT Parkour Certification by the end of the summer 2018. In her classes, expect constant movement with the focus of connecting the movement with the breath. She is always encouraging her students to go a little further than they think they are capable and believes that with an open mind, they can accomplish anything. Christie teaches Vinyasa Yoga.

Athena Turner


Athena began her fitness journey in 2002. She completed her group fitness certification in 2010 and in 2013 completed 200 hr yoga training. Athena is also certified in Spinning, Mat Pilates, and Jazzercise. Athena's goal is for students to have fun, being energized and challenged while still loving every minute of the journey. Athena teaches Total Body Conditioning, Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

Havilah Vangroll


Havilah has been active since childhood. She is classically trained in ballet, modern, and jazz and has danced for 25 years. She played soccer in high school and college, discovered weight training in her 20s and spinning, Pilates and yoga in her 30s. She has wanted to join the fitness training industry for some time, but due to injury was not sure where she would be able to fit. Then she found Barre. Barre allows for anyone at any fitness level to get a stellar workout and have fun doing it. Plus, it combines the best of her experiences into one class. She is Barre Above ™ trained (October 2017). Her barre classes deliver a fusion of ballet, Pilates, yoga, cardio and strength training. Havilah teaches our Open Barre class.

Annie Sue Welsh


Annie began her yoga journey in 2008. That same year, she graduated from the University of Tennessee and became a teacher of Elementary School General Music. Annie has combined her passions for teaching and yoga by participating in the Teacher Training Program at Sun and Moon Yoga and is finalizing earning her 200 RYT. Annie hopes to bring wonder and whimsy to the practices of her yoga students, young and old alike! She teaches our Kids Yoga classes.