We offer many Workshops and specialty classes at Breathe. Check this page frequently for updates.

FREE Karma Flow Class

Tuesday 6:30-7:30PM @ Breathe(too)

Karma Flow classes will focus on moving and flowing with your breath. This class is accessible to all levels. Modifications will be offered. Instructor rotates. This is a FREE class, open to all.

Space is limited, so please reserve your space in advance by clicking on the appropriate time slot on our Calendar.

NOTE: This class is held at our studio annex, located in the Rolling Valley Office Park at 9304-D Old Keene Mill Rd., Burke, VA

Mindful Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

Thursdays 8:15pm @ Breathe(too)


Learn relaxing techniques and ways to clear your emotions to live a happier healthier life. 45 minutes of mindful meditation in a group setting. During Anita's meditation classes, she will show you a technique to identify the pain/stress and to release it. She used this technique to manage stress for herself when she worked on Wall Street and when she ran a free clinic in India. She'll also teach you how to connect with the universe and how to use the information the universe provides you to help you along your path. To register, click on the class from our Calendar page.


Sound Bath Meditation
 Sunday, July 28th, 7PM

According to sonic specialist Monte Hansen from the Crystal Ashram near Annapolis MD, “A sound bath is an immersion in sound frequency that cleans your soul.” Leave your rubber ducky at home. Bring your blankie instead, for this super relaxing immersion!  According to cutting-edge doctors from Harvard, some of the deepest most profound healing in the body is accomplished with sound frequency.  

Join us when Human Activation sound frequency specialist Robert Lee will be playing several of these rare Singing Bowls, some of which are over 200 years old. Hear the amazing story of how the practice was abandoned long ago and rediscovered in modern times. Come experience these gifts from the past in this NON-religious practice of our present. Be rejuvenated or just captivated by this unique musical performance.

Bring your pillows, blankies, and yoga mats and snuggle into the comfort of the tranquil sounds. Feel free to sit, lay, or even stand! Meditating with singing bowls has been known to reduce blood pressure more than guided meditation alone. 

For more information and to register please click here.


SPA Yoga

Wednesday, July 17th 7:00-8:15PM

SPA Yoga®is a 75 min slow-flow, floor-based, whole-body sensory experience based on Fluid Yoga sequencing. By engaging all five of the senses with soft candlelight, soothing music, aromatherapy, lots of hands-on assists and a renewed awareness of taste (and sometimes chocolate!), Spa aligns practitioners with the inner wisdom of deep relaxation. The physical practice takes time to open the body’s subtle energy and prepares students to experience new depths of awareness in an extended, guided savasana or Yoga Nidra.


During SPA Yoga®, you will discover extra hands-on assists and massages, a calming candlelit room atmosphere, delightful scents and beautiful music in the background. Be prepared to feel like you just walked out of a SPA!

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Kids Summer Yoga Camp


August 5-8, 1:00-4:00PM @ Breathe(too)

Young yogi campers will move and create as we explore yoga and use our minds each afternoon to travel the world!

Monday - Ocean Yoga

Tuesday - Desert Yoga

Wednesday - Jungle Yoga

Thursday - Arctic Yoga

Each day we'll learn about the flora and fauna of each environment through yoga poses, crafts and games. Campers are encouraged to wear themed outfits each day if they'd like to. Offered for elementary aged school children, but ideal for children ages 5 thru 9.

Camp is held at our studio annex, Breathe(too), located at 9304-D Old Keene Mill Rd., Burke (in the Rolling Valley Office park with the blue & white signs next to the Rolling Vally Mall. Our unit faces Shiplett Blvd and the shopping center)

This camp will be led by Annie Welsch, a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher, as well as an elementary school teacher.

15% discount offered for siblings.

NOTE: A minimum of 5 children are necessary to hold this camp

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Art for Relaxation and Expansion

Friday, August 9th, 7:00-8:30PM @ Breathe(too)

Join Breathe member and art therapist Catherine Rubin for an evening of conversation, art, and creativity using alcohol inks. The colors blend and react in vibrant, unpredictable and exciting ways. No art experience necessary! We can’t say this enough -- this is a special event for you to unwind, have some fun and let convention -- and the demands of life -- go.

For this event, please bring a smock and a wine glass if you’re interested in enjoying a sip as you play. Wine and soft drinks will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own, as well. Catherine will provide the special art paper and other materials. Also, if you’d like to decorate a wine glass or other drinkware, please bring one along!

5 - 10 participants required to hold this workshop. Bring a friend! As with all our workshops, participants need not be Breathe members! If you have any questions, please email us.

Remember: this event is at Breathe (too). See you there!

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Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra

Sunday, August 11th 5:45-7:15PM


Experience deeper levels of inner relaxation than you ever imagined possible. Give yourself permission to rest, balance and restore, tapping into new sources of energy. There is nothing required of you but to lie down and listen. Yoga Nidra switches you off of flight or fight and into the relaxation response, your body’s natural healing state. 20 minutes of yoga nidra is equated with 3 hours of sleep. This practice can bring your mind into its healing, restful state suspended between being awake and asleep where you can receive the ultimate power-nap which goes well beyond normal sleep.

This special class will be held at our main studio at 6350 Rolling Mill Place, West Springfield. Please email us or call 703-829-0167 with any questions.

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