At Breathe Body + Mind, we're pleased to offer various Workshops exposing you to new topics and allowing you to more deeply explore topics already of interest to you. If you're not sure what to expect in a Workshop, or how a Workshop is different from your usual classes, please read on!

What’s a workshop? It sounds intense...

Workshops are usually about 2-4 hours in length and are usually held on weekends when the studio has larger blocks of open time. We encourage you to bring snacks and we take breaks, often a valuable part of the experience. Workshops are intended to be community experiences incorporating introductions and topical discussions within the group. We take time to perform hands-on work, and “before-and-after” comparisons.

Why do a Workshop?

Workshops always have a specific goal in mind and participants are there to address a common curiosity. Additionally, sharing with others in the Workshop will deepen your knowledge base.

Is a Workshop different from a class?

A typical movement class at Breathe is up to an hour offering members sparse opportunity to query the instructor or share a moment or experience with other members. In a Workshop, our instructors design and deliver the content with the intention of answering your questions and sharing their own revelations during those “AHA!” moments, empowering you to share, when you wish, as well. Our Workshops are truly interactive, providing opportunities for everyone to share a deeper understanding of a subject or experience in a communal format.

Ok. It’s all about the intensity  but still, why must it take so long?

You’d be surprised how fast two hours goes at a Breathe Workshop. Think of a Workshop as learning to ride a bike without training wheels — we all need more time when we’re learning new movements, new ways of thinking.

We want Breathe to be a place where you take care of you, and a home of community and enrichment. Sometimes THE BEST part of a Workshop at Breathe is the relationships you make with other attendees. When we share our stories and our experiences, we are sharing ourselves, and it’s through those moments we learn we are part of a bigger world.

How do I prepare?

Please read both the title and Workshop description carefully, so you know what you can expect from the program. If you have any concerns or relevant needs, please contact Lynne or the Workshop instructor(s), who will be happy to answer your questions!

Once you’ve registered for a Workshop at Breathe, you will be contacted a week or so before the event to go over any lingering questions you may have and to also let the instructors know if you have any medical issues or conditions that may need attention. We’ve handled all sorts of set-ups for our attendees and we want to make sure you’re comfortable and have an empowering and fruitful experience, so please let us know how we can serve you during your Workshop!