Yamuna Body Rolling Lower Body Series: Pelvis & Legs

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$72.00 YBR Lower Body: Pelvis & Legs (FULL SERIES)
$28.00 Session #1 - Back of pelvis & legs
$28.00 Session #2 - Front of pelvis & legs
$28.00 Session #3 - Inner thighs & IT band roll

The YBR leg routines begin with the larger muscle groups. If the hamstrings, quadriceps, and adductors are elongated, toned and free from any myofascial restrictions, these muscles will be properly balanced and aligned and will support the femur correctly in the acetabulum.


The purpose of the leg routines is to fully free all the muscle groups of the legs to establish proper balance, alignment, tone and length of all muscles from the pelvis down through the feet.


Whether a person performs a particular sport or general fitness workout, or just plain walks, or simply carries on daily life, leg and foot holding patterns become established. Everyone needs to free their leg and foot pattern to establish healthier and better alignment of the whole torso and to prevent injuries.  

These 90-min workshops will each address different areas in your lower body. Attend all three for $72 (choose the SERIES option) or attend one at a time for $28 each.


Session #1 - Back of the pelvis & muscles on the back of your legs

Saturday, April 13, 1:30pm to 3:00pm

In this practice we will focus on releasing muscle tension from the sit bones all the way down to ankles by rolling your glues, hamstrings and calves muscles. This in return will help to release your lower back, freeing the connection between pelvis and legs and lengthen & strengthen the leg muscles to support the torso.


Session #2 - Front of the pelvis and muscles on the front of your legs

Saturday, April 20, 1:30pm to 3:00pm

This practice will focus on creating the space in front of your body, releasing tight hip flexors, freeing the front of the hip joints and lengthening the quadriceps and working all the way to your shins.

This will result in standing taller and moving with more ease. If you attend the previous practice, this will help you to find more balance between the front and back of your body. 


Session #3 - Inner thighs & IT band roll

Saturday, April 27, 1:30pm to 3:00pm

In this practice, we will focus on rolling inner thigh muscles and outer thigh muscles to promote more balance between the front and back of the legs.


Inner thighs

In most people, the adductor muscles (inner thighs)  are the least developed, maintained and worked muscle group, This is also usually the most contracted leg muscles group, and because most people do not directly work these muscles, the tend to cause problems of imbalance in quadriceps and hamstrings.

The purpose of working adductors is to stimulate them to function by increasing range of motion in both hip and bringing balance to the muscle groups of the legs.


Outer thighs

We will work the lateral leg from the hip down because this area tends to hold a great deal of tension from overuse, yet is hardly ever specifically targeted and worked.

Working the side of your leg not only connects to the rest of the lateral leg but sets off a release from the pelvis up through the lateral side of the torso.



Darina Brown

Darina's yoga journey began in 2005 after years as a fitness instructor, which brought her from teaching on a cruise ship, to instructing celebrities in the Maldive Islands, to teaching private clients throughout Europe.  In addition to being certified in BASI Pilates, Darina completed extensive yoga teacher training with Bryan Kest, the founder of Power Yoga, and Paul Grilley, the founder of Yin Yoga. Her pursuit of meditation techniques brought her to Eckhart Tolle and Tara Brach, and the last few years Darina has studied with Yamuna and has become a Yamuna Body Practitioner, which she is also quite passionate about. 

Darina says: "For me, the yoga mat is a safe space, a sanctuary to accept where I am each day. It's a place to be present without judgement, where I can move and breathe mindfully. With that spirit, I've developed classes that cultivate physical and mental strength, where we can breathe deeply and be honest and open to all the possibilities that life presents

The real yoga then begins the moment we step off the mat and face the inevitable challenges of life. And this is where yoga becomes a most powerful tool, helping us to move gracefully and with ease through anything that life brings our way."

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