What people are saying...


Really appreciated Binita's feedback during the class. She pays attention to her students well and I enjoyed the flow.
— Ericka R
Everything about your studio truly is awesome, and the yoga classes have even helped to manage my anxiety quite a bit to boot!
— Natalia S
I love BREATHE Studio. I started out with the 30 days for $30 and then I signed for the unlimited monthly membership. I am loving getting back into shape. Pilates and the core classes are helping me strengthen my core and tone my menopausal belly that appeared a few years ago. I love the instructors, as well as the small class sizes. Give it a try - you won’t be disappointed.
— Rebecca U
I was hooked after my first yoga class. The atmosphere, the instructors, the owner are the most friendly, helpful and loving people. The instructors take to heart and work with you regarding physical limitations; the owner welcomes feedback on her website, and responds to you directly in a short time, if not the same day. It’s a cozy community-based studio which welcomes local artists to display and sell their creative talents. I’m so glad my daughter told me to try their 30 days for $30 offer. I’ve met so many lovely people who attend the studio. I’m a member now, and loving it.
— Pattea B
I LOVE your studio and I’m planning on becoming a member for sure!....Thank you so much for such an amazing studio and instructors!
— Alessia T
Who knew exercise could be calm and less stressful on the body? Your instructors are all knowledgeable, professional, personable and offer personal attention for proper movements. I find it a cross between personal training and group instruction. I like your website—with the ability to reserve a spot prior to class, receive text reminders, see all the class offerings at a glance—you’ve put much thought into it.
— Lisa S
I love your studio and how it works! Best ever!
— Topaz G
Breathe Body and Mind is a one-of-kind studio. The owner is a certified personal trainer and her instructors are top notch. The studio offers an extensive range of classes, including Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Total Body Conditioning and more. I have been a member since August and I am now a member for life! If you are looking for a relatively small studio where you can explore new disciplines and improve your fitness level, then you need to check out Breathe Body and Mind.
— Nancy R
Thank you for creating such a beneficial environment that is inspiring me to be as strong and healthy as I always thought I could be. This last year has been a literal life changer (and saver) for me :)
— Heather C
I have attended other, more commercial Pilates/Barre studios and, although they are great in their own regard, it was refreshing to feel so at ease in this intimate studio. The environment and flow of the class I’ve been taking is perfect since I am just getting back into my Pilates practice.
— Amanda P
Breathe is an important part of my life. Sometimes it is hard to fit in riding and attending classes, but when I do both I am happiest. Believe it or not, this little old body was throwing a 50 pound bike suitcase on and off trains while wearing a 22 pound backpack throughout the trip with no repercussions. We used every ounce of weight restriction when packing for a two-week trip. I am so grateful Breathe classes and instructors helped me get in shape for my epic adventure.
— Loretta T
I’ve found my yoga niche! As an older guy experiencing the changes that come with aging, I have found that my weekly class and daily practice have brought back some flexibility and range of motion. More importantly, Breathe instructors and the studio culture have moved me to a more peaceful and accepting state of mind. You provide a wonderful counterpoint to stress and busyness - thanks!
— Jim M
I’ve been doing yoga for decades and your studio is the most welcoming one I have found yet. And I have been to many. I love the size of the classes, the ease of the registration system, and the friendly community I encounter every time I come in. I have loved EVERY class. Thank you for doing this! We really needed a studio like this in the Springfield area.
— Sarah P
This 70 plus retired husband agreed to try the introductory 30 Day $30 offer to appease my wife. By the middle of the first class I was intrigued by the experience. By the third class I was hooked! Yoga was not at all what I expected in that the instructor was solicitous concerning physical limitations, very knowledgeable about physiology, and skilled in coaching me into alternative stretches. I am allowed, and encouraged, to stay within my comfort zone and decide for myself how far to stretch. After only three months of basic yoga classes, my shoulder replacement scar tissue has loosened up considerably and I am totally free of all pain management medication. Balance, strength, and general sense of well-being are all improved. I have decided that Breathe Body and Mind offers me an ideal experience for addressing many of the physical challenges of aging, and I certainly could have benefited from yoga as a younger, workaholic senior executive.
— Jim M
Breathe Body and Mind is a wonderful place to take all kinds of classes, including Yoga, Pilates, and Total Body Conditioning. The class size is restricted, so there is plenty of personal attention and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. I love it!
— Paula B
I am totally loving the classes (and my wife is still so amazed that i’m getting up at 5:15am 2 days a week for...Yoga!) :) You have a great studio and wonderful instructors!
— Omar W
I was looking through emails and noticed that tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary of joining Breathe! Thank you so very much for creating this happy place that has been the catalyst for my journey back to fitness both physically and mentally!! It’s been a great year -- and the best is yet to come I am sure!
— Kim E
I am so happy to join this lovely community. Truly an oasis of calm and sanctuary.
— Elizabeth O
I started my 30 day trial to get in shape for baseball, but I discovered so much more than I expected. I love the small class size and the variety of classes. The instructors are outstanding and they are friendly, motivating, and informative. My core is stronger, my lower back pain is nearly gone, and my flexibility is dramatically better. The health benefits are priceless and my baseball workouts have improved significantly.
— John M