Reservations & Membership Options

You should wear comfortable workout clothes that allow for lots of movement. Yoga is usually done barefoot or in yoga socks. Most of our classes do not require shoes, but some recommend sturdy athletic shoes. If shoes are recommended, it will be mentioned in the class description and, when taking an in-studio class, we ask that you bring your shoes with you and change into them once you are inside the studio, to avoid tracking dirt and grime onto our studio floor.

Using the website: Go to Classes>Schedule and click on the class you wish to attend. If a class is offered both instudio and online, it will be clearly marked on the schedule. Click on the type of attendance you prefer, instudio or online. Remember, outdoor classes are considered "instudio" because they are in person. Once you have a spot reserved in an online class, you can also access the class by clicking on the green camera icon within 15 minutes of class starting.


Using the app: Go to My Studios and select Breathe. Then click on the Classes tab. Use the green arrows at the top to scroll through the dates. The green buttons under the class name and instructor will tell you whether the class is offered instudio and/or online. Click on the one you prefer. Once your reservation has been made, the button will change to white and say CANCEL.

Within a few minutes of making a class reservation you will receive a confirmation email indicating the name, date and time of class in the subject line. If it is an online class, the message will contain a link you will use to access the class. Fifteen minutes before your online class is scheduled to begin, you will receive a reminder message which also contains the link. If you click on the link from your phone, you can take the class using your phone. If you click on the link from your computer, you can take the class on your computer. 

If you click on the link within 10 minutes of class starting you will see a countdown clock. If it is more than 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin, you will see something similar to this asking you to check back closer to start time. You might need to refresh your screen when you check back.

The best way to find out what classes you have reserved is to download the CowTinker app (from Google Play or the App Store) and click on "My Classes". You will see a list of any classes for which you have reservations.  

You can also log into your account from our website. Once you are logged in, click on the person icon all the way over on the upper right and select Manage Account from the pulldown menu. Select the Visits tab to see your past class history and future reservations. 

All confirmation messages will be via email. The only time you will receive a text message regarding a class is if you are moved off of the waitlist or if there is a last-minute alert due to a weather issue, power issue, instructor illness, etc.

The CowTinker app (available on Google Play or the App Store) makes it extremely easy to cancel your reservation. Open the app and go to "My Classes". You will see a list of any classes for which you have a reservation. To cancel your reservation, click CANCEL under the class you want to cancel. Remember, to avoid a no-show fee, you must cancel your reservation at least 2 hours prior to the start of class.

You can also cancel your reservations from our website. Once you are logged in, click on the person icon all the way over on the upper right and select Manage Account from the pulldown menu. Select the Visits tab to see your past class history and future reservations. Click the CANCEL button for any class you wish to cancel. 

You will receive an email confirming your cancellation. It will look like this:

We do ask that you cancel your reservations at least two hours prior to class time to avoid the no-show fee and to allow others a space in the class. The no-show fee is an administrative charge that we do not want to charge anyone, but it's proven necessary so that everyone gets into the habit of cancelling any space reservations they are unable to honor. In many instances, not cancelling your space reservation takes that spot away from someone else. Especially now, when only four people are able to attend class, it's that much more important to be cognizant of cancelling if necessary.  We do understand that things come up . . .bad traffic, sudden illness of you or a loved one, etc and we will make exceptions to the no-show fee if necessary and if not excessive.

All class passes are valid for a specific time period and will expire regardless of whether or not the classes have been used. Choose your membership option carefully if you think there is a chance you will need to cancel. Only in extreme and unforeseen circumstances (such as a medical necessity) would we be able to extend your pass for an additional period of time.
Any annual membership cancelled prior to its 12-month termination date will be charged a $75 cancellation fee. Written notice of cancellation must be provided at least 15 days prior to the monthly anniversary of the membership in order to prevent the next monthly charge from processing. This fee will be waived in the case of active-duty military who can provide proof of military orders (or with proof of any move out of the Northern Virginia area) or due to onset of medical conditions which would prohibit long-term participation in any of the activities/classes offered at the studio (in most cases a "hold" would be provided in those instances).
No refunds are given for absences due to vacation. However, we are open to putting your membership on hold in some individual situations, primarily due to medical necessity.
Contact us at and we'll be happy to help you with that!

Yes, we offer a 10% discount off of most of our membership options (video memberships not included) for Active Military, Police, Firefighters, FCPS Teachers and Seniors 65+. Please Contact us to discuss receiving this discount. Valid ID will be required.

We also occasionally offer membership specials which we promote via emails, social media and in-studio.

We ask that you sign up for class in advance to ensure that there is plenty of room for everyone to move about and so that the instructors can see you and you can see your instructor. Due to COVID-19 it is more important than ever to reserve your space in class, as Virginia mandates 10 ft of social distance between those in a group exercise class, which means only six class attendees (plus the instructor) will be allowed in each Breathe class until further notice.

If you are unable to reserve space in an in-studio class that is full, we highly recommend you put yourself on the waitlist. Should space open up in a class in which you are waitlisted, you will receive an email at least two hours prior to class time alerting you that you have been admitted into the class. Occasionally, if there is a late-cancel by phone, we will try to contact you via text or phone to let you know there is space if you're able to take it.

Adding your name to the waitlist on the website: Go the Classes>Schedule page. If the class you want to attend is full, there will be a purple WAITLIST button. Click this button to put your name on the waitlist.

If a place opens up in the studio and you are moved off of the waitlist, you will receive both a text message and an email letting you know. If you have changed your mind and no longer want to attend the class, you must click the link in the message to let us know. Otherwise, you will be charged for the class.