Virtual & Outdoor Classes

You may reserve a class via the CowTinker app (from Google Play or the App Store) or via our website.

Using the app: Go to My Studios and select Breathe. Then click on the Classes tab. Use the green arrows at the top to scroll through the dates. The green buttons under the class name and instructor will tell you whether the class is offered instudio and/or online. Click on the one you prefer. Once your reservation has been made, the button will change to white and say CANCEL.

From our website: Under the Classes tab of our website you will see "Schedule". Some classes on the schedule will offer you the option of "STUDIO" or "ONLINE" classes. For virtual classes, choose ONLINE. 

Within a few minutes of making a class reservation you will receive a confirmation email indicating the name, date and time of class in the subject line. If it is an online class, the message will contain a link you will use to access the class. Fifteen minutes before your online class is scheduled to begin, you will receive a reminder message which also contains the link. If you click on the link within 10 minutes of class starting you will see a countdown clock. If it is more than 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin, you will see something similar to this asking you to check back closer to start time. You might need to refresh your screen when you check back.

When you register for an online class, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the class.

About 10 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin, log in to your Breathe account

Once logged in, you can return to the confirmation email and click the link to access the class. OR, you can go to the Classes>Schedule page and click on the green camera icon associated with the class for which you are registered and get into the class that way. 

If you access either link more than 15 minute before class starts, you will need to refresh your screen as you get closer to class time. Within 15 minutes of class beginning, you will see a countdown clock.

As soon as you enter the class using your link, you will automatically be checked in.

Yes, if you situate your screen appropriately, the instructor should be able to see you if you'd like to be seen! You always have the option to turn your video screen off so you can see and hear the instructor, but remain invisible to the instructor and other students.

We have a few outdoor classes on our schedule. Look for "OUTDOOR" in the location column. You will still be choosing "IN STUDIO" when you reserve your spot because these classes are face to face as opposed to online. (Think of it as an Outdoor Studio).

We do ask that you reserve space in the outdoor classes, as we are currently able to allow a maximum of nine participants, due to social distancing guidelines. Masks are not necessary for outdoor classes, but you can certainly wear a mask if it makes you feel most comfortable.

If your name is on the list of registered students, we will contact you via text message to let you know if we need to cancel an outdoor class, so please ensure that you keep your mobile number up to date in your CowTinker profile and check for messages if the weather looks doubtful.
If your child is age 12 or older and is able to stay quiet and focused, then yes. Although it's outdoors, class participants do still expect and deserve some introspection and quiet.
Gift cards can be purchased on our website by clicking on the shopping cart icon. They can be paid for with a credit card. 
Please make sure you bring a mat and any other props you might like to practice with. We'd also recommend that you bring a big beach towel (to place underneath your mat), sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen (if desired) and insect repellent!

Outdoor classes are held at the Walden Glen Swim & Racquet Club in Cardinal Forest at the opposite end of Carleigh Parkway.  The address is 6126 Harmon Place, Springfield 22152. You must sign up at least 30 min prior to class time so that the front desk knows to expect you.

(If you see MAIN STUDIO on the schedule for the Outdoor classes that is just a function of the way our website works as there is no other default. Think of the outside as the studio, in this case.  It primarily means that the class is an in-person class.)

It completely depends on the class. As we continue to offer virtual classes you might want to consider investing in equipment that is frequently used in the classes you attend virtually. This could mean any/all of the following:  yoga mat, yoga blankets, blocks (or big and sturdy books), yoga straps (or belt, bathrobe sash, scarf, etc), bolsters (or sturdy thick pillows), handheld weights, resistance bands, stability balls, "squishy" lightweight small balls, Pilates rings and more.  Please feel free to ask your instructor or contact us should you have any questions regarding equipment.  We may even have used studio equipment to sell you!